Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Halloween Lantern Workshop


Halloween Lantern making workshop
 At Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House 2010

Each participants learn how to make globe shape lantern and  transform  to a Paper Jack O' Lantern.
 Total five layers of tissue paper are applied on the balloon surface with diluted white glue to  create thick surface. We used fishing  line between the layers of papers to add the strength of  globe shape.
glued paper need to be completely dry about 1-2 days and pop the balloon later.

This  project  was funded by small grant program

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Winter Solstice Festival 2010 Slide show

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Paper Mosaic Project

Paper Mosaic
Paper mosaic are created by combining all the finished 4 inch square paper collage.
Each indivisual square was done by different participants.

Variety of small objects are added on the surface of the paper collage.

Paper quilling
1cm wide and 10-15cm long strips of papers are rolled and filled into different shapes.
This collaborative paper quilling mosaic placed in the 2.5 inch thick shadow box
Color Paper Collage
Creating paper collage by cut and paste varitety of color paper on four inch square.
Each participants have opportunity to create different color paper collage.
All the paper collaged paper was assembled as paper mosaic.

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Moon Festival 2010 : Video Link

                  Moon Festival 2010 video can be viewed by link below



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House Mural & Banner Project 2010 - 2011

Frog Hollow Community Mural Project 2010
This outdoor mural was completed on Oct. 23rd on the north side wall
at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House.

Frog Hollow NH Youth  Base program helped a lot on the process of mural creation.
Mother group,Chinese seniors, community members are participated designing and painting process of mural project. Mural design was developed by getting ideas from youth, mother group at Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. Concept of mural is based on the value statement; Healthy Community, Environment, Openness & Accountability,Organzational Excellence, Volunteerism.

Funded by Neighbourhood Matching Fund Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
Artist: Yoko Tomita
Mural making process: May - June 2010
mural designing, preparation of the mural wall,  applying the primer coating

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Arts in Focus: Nature Image of Renfrew Ravine July- Aug. 2010


Arts in focus-Nature image of Renfrew Ravine

Nature image of Renfrew Ravine was complete to have help of senior painters who joined to enjoy
painting during July to August.
 8 seniors joined to paint total 46 hours of volunteering time to complete this acrylic painting.
size:48 x 36 inch
acrylic paint on canvas

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Norquey Mosaic Project 2010

Norquay Mosaic Project 2010

Norquey Park is under renovation to improve park site. Water Spray park would be new feature of this park. Artists Yoko Tomita and YarOn Stern are worked on the water drop shape ceramic tile mosaic by engaging Renfrew Collingwood Community members.


Funded by Neighbourhood Matching Fund Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreationand Collingwood Neighbourhood House

We created higher levels of mosaic works by pushing our creativity out during the summer.Seniors, youth, everybody were guided by artists YarOn and Yoko to finalize their designs into mosaic form.

Total 20 pieces of ceramic tile mosaic will be installed at Norquay
Park in the spring of 2011.