Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Arts in Focus: Nature Image of Renfrew Ravine July- Aug. 2010


Arts in focus-Nature image of Renfrew Ravine

Nature image of Renfrew Ravine was complete to have help of senior painters who joined to enjoy
painting during July to August.
 8 seniors joined to paint total 46 hours of volunteering time to complete this acrylic painting.
size:48 x 36 inch
acrylic paint on canvas
Process: photo collage of Renfrew Ravine to create painting

Yoko's photos that has been taken from Renfrew Ravine was pasted on the canvas and start developing the
design by using some of the image.Yoko worked on the draft sketch based on the selected photos
and draw outline of  painting. Seniors start painting by parts that they feel comfortable  being in charge in details. We used variety of acrylic mediums to create embossed effect on the surface of canvas.

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